48 Hours of Grace


Kissed my wife

Helped setup decorations for a wedding

Watched two people make solemn vows to each other in marriage


Danced with my wife to “our song”

Had a drink at the bar

Ate some fish tacos

Gave my mother flowers and a card

Spent some time with my parents

Slept in

Missed church

Purchased groceries with my family

Enjoyed the nice weather we’ve had

Rolled the windows down and opened the sunroof

Turned the music up

Listened to Lynard Skynard

Listened to The Black Keys

Sang a hymn

Worshipped God in the kitchen

Raised my hands a little

Worked on a system that helps kids on mission trips in emergency situations

Recorded income and stats for a service that takes people to the airport

Lifted weights

Practiced a jump shot

Cleaned dishes

Unclogged a toilet

Cleaned toilets

Changed diapers

Loaned my neighbor a tool

Shared a laugh with him about how neither of us know what we’re doing with lawncare

Read a sermon

Read a book

Read my kids a book

Read the Bible


Confessed sin

Believed on Christ’s forgiveness

Wrote a post about God’s goodness in the menial moments of life

Its all joy, because it’s all grace


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