Participating In God’s Glory

Love this quote from a book on Jonathan Edward’s theology.

God communicates divine knowledge, but the creature’s knowledge of God is simply participation in God’s knowledge of Himself.  God communicates virtue and holiness, and the creature participates in God’s own moral excellencies.  God communicates happiness, and the creature, rejoicing in who God is, is participating in God’s own joy in Himself…the more we participate in these perfections, the closer we draw to God.  –Stephen R. Holmes, God of Grace & God of Glory

Edwards goes on to say that because God is love, that it is his glory to love the world.  And because it is his glory to love the church particularly, he is glorified in loving the world through the church.  This is why I love being part of the church.  The glory of God is the most valuable thing attainable by mankind.  As part of the church, we get the privilege of attaining the most valuable thing that exists, making God’s glory known.


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