A Little More Like This Please

On preaching…

The preacher was George Anthony Buttrick. He had a reputation of being one of the great preachers in America, but it was two or three months before I learned that. But that first Sunday I knew he was good, very good, and went every Sunday after that. He introduced me to a way of preaching I didn’t know existed. A quiet and careful, ruminative and thoughtful exposition of the scriptures, without ostentation, without calling attention to himself. He used language precisely, accurately–a poet in the pulpit. In the year of Sundays that I listened to him preach, I don’t think I heard a single cliche pass his lips. —The Pastor, Eugene Peterson

Pulpit cheerleaders and entertainers might keep people’s attention, but as Peterson goes on to say, they hand out dishes of “pretty thin soup.” What needs to be thoughtfully served up, Sunday after Sunday, is a full course meal of the word. We need it a little more like Pastor Buttrick please.


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