The Glory of Christ: A New Life, A New World

20130208-111701.jpgA whole new world, opened eyes, ears that hear, and lungs that take in deep breaths of the glories of Jesus are the result of the gift of new life:

Fallen man is incapable of believing. Music cannot please a deaf man, nor can beautiful colors impress a blind man. A fish would not thank you for taking it out of the sea and putting it on dry land under the blazing sun! Neither would an unregenerate sinner welcome the thought of living for ever in the blazing glory of Christ. -John Owen, The Glory of Christ

Let’s be grateful, not just for what we see in Christ, and all the faculties of the new life (eyes, ears, and lungs), but that we have them at all. Apart from grace, we are out of our element in his presence. With grace, we come to life in him.


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