God’s Will for Your Wait: Paul Tripp

This evening, I came across a book that is currently being released by author and counselor Paul Tripp regarding the “Dangerous Call to Ministry.”  The book aims to expose the dirty little secret that churches, by and large, hire pastors for their performance without regard to their spiritual condition.

Along with the book, Paul Tripp has created a blog that extends the conversation created in “Dangerous Calling“.  Among the posts are several under the title “God’s Will While You Wait.”  You, like me, may be waiting for a providential opening into full time ministry.  In these posts he offers some helpful perspectives to consider as you wait for the Lord to open doors. I’ll put up Part II tomorrow, but for sake of ease he’s published it here if you find Part I helpful and are really struggling with the waiting thing. 🙂

God’s Will for Your Wait (part 1)

Update: Since I posted part two in this post, no need to repost it later!


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