34 Marks of Awesomeness on Her 34th

It’s my wife/bestfriend/partner-in-crime/co-heir-in-Christ’s birthday today.  She’s turning 34 (she’s ok with people knowing).  So this morning, with breakfast in bed, I brought attention to 34 marks of awesomeness to celebrate.

34 Marks of Awesomeness On the Marking of Her 34th Birthday

1. She possesses rational-logical superpowers
2. She is an organizational superhuman.
3. She has never met a stranger, no matter how strange.
4. She is a coupon queen.
5. She knows and perform on request all the choreography to “Thriller,” “Ice-Ice-Baby,” N’SYNC’s “Bye, Bye, Bye” and many, many, many more.
6. She could blow half the AI top 12 out the water (every year).
7. She gives life to other’s ideas.
8. She’s a professional planner, not only by trade.
9. She’s selfless.
10. She has a heart for her home, husband, and her two hulkimaniacs.
11. She’s killer en la cocina.
12. Her glorious hair.
13. She’s a fashionista.
14. The Spanish that comes out of her when she’s impassioned
15. She’s an adventurous adventuress.
16. She’s relentless.
17. She’s creative.
18. She’s detailed.
19. She’s multifarious.
20. She’s meritorious.
21. She’s a master of Romans 12.
22. And Romans 5.
23. Rejoicing in hope.
24. Patient in tribulation.
25. Constant in prayer.
26. She’s an Evangelista.
27. She’s a cuddler.
28. Her children rise up and call Her blessed.
29. Jonathan loves her.
30. (He said, “This is her day of all days!”)
31. Jack loves her.
32. Her husband too.
33. She’s my crown.

34. But today is awesome because over and above all, Jesus loves her.

I’ll add #35 to this list.  When I went in to give this to her, she was thinking through 34 reasons she’s thankful on her 34th birthday.  I love that woman.


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