The Destination

Summertime growing up usually meant loading up to ride halfway across the country to visit relatives.  My parents got wise to 12 hours of travel with 4 boys because at some point they decided to do most of the driving on these trips at night when we were all asleep.  They sacrificed sleep for peace.  And doing so, they minimized the hardest part of those trips on us—the wait.

As an adult, I’m still finding waiting hard.  Just like the restless kids in the car above, my adult heart can’t wait to get where it thinks it’s going.  Some days I wish I could sleep through it, but I know I need something deeper and more foundational to address my issue—patience.

I find what I’m really confessing through my impatience is disconnected to who I confess as God.  What a shame.  I’m saying I know better than omniscience.  I’m saying I don’t trust all events and circumstances to work favorably to me, even though I’m promised that (Rom 8:28).  I’m saying people ultimately shape history, whether worldwide or in my own corner of neighborhood.  I’m not saying those things with my mouth.  My impatience is speaking for me.  It’s saying, as they say in the vacation industry all that matters is “destination, destination, destination.” (Not really.  I just made that up.  No one says that except impatient people.)

I was reminded today that “the meek inherit the earth” (Mt 5:5).  Not the self-promoting or those who seek great things for themselves.  Universal domination will go to the meek.  Chew on that for a minute.  Meekness is joyfulness in God’s will, in God’s timing, within God’s established order of relationships.  That’s a mouthful but let me make it easy—it’s about trusting God wisdom, control, and care.

I am cherished deeply by the creator.  But more than that, he is wiser than I.  And more than that, he is sovereign over both the most mundane moments and epic events of human history.  He’s got this, and he’s got me.

So with the Psalmist, today I’m believing that if I “wait for the Lord and keep his way…he will exalt you to inherit the land” (Ps 37:34).   Tomorrow may be different.  Even two hours from now may be different.   But when I forget, I’ll just remember Dad’s driving the car, and we’ll be there sooner or later…it’s all up to Him.


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