Resources for Aspiring Pastors

If you’re an aspiring pastor, I’d encourage you to regularly check out the blog Practical Shepherding.  Brian Croft shares some, you guessed it, very practical help for those in (and pursuing) pastoral ministry.

I was challenged by a particular post last week about aspiring pastors serving their wives before actually becoming pastors.  My wife and I have two autistic sons which can been a challenge to manage, especially during church services.  As one was becoming a distraction this past Sunday, I was reminded of this recent post, and gave my wife a chance to continue participating in service, while I went out with our youngest.  We both love our boys very much, and she would happily have done it, but it was a particular blessing to her, especially being Mother’s Day.

I’ve benefitted from his online ministry very much.  I hope you do as well.


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