Test Your Call, Meet Needs

What is one way someone exploring their call to ministry can begin to test their call?

Find a need in the church and meet it.

Spend some time thinking about your church and what needs, need to be met. (If you’re not part of a church, just skip this blog post, and find and commit to a church immediately. Seriously. Here’s some links to help you: here, here, and here.)

Right away, you’re probably not going to meet the need of feeding souls through preaching on Sundays, but there are many other needs present in every church. Prayerfully consider what could be done around the church that would be a blessing to others.

And start doing it. Don’t wait to be asked. Just go for it. If the scale of the need is large, you may need permission first from the appropriate people, but by God’s grace, start meeting that need.

And see what happens. Are others benefitting? Are they being helped? Is God blessing the community through what your doing? Is God confirming your call through this? Does he give you more responsibility as a result?

Faithfulness over a little is a prerequisite for faithfulness over much (Lk 19:17). See if God is calling you: start meeting needs as God gives you eyes to see them.


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